Is It Time to Consider Re-Designing Your eCommerce Site?

Your ecommerce website is already a couple of years old now. Back when you were starting, you had high hopes of making a quick return on investment, considering that a venture like it is increasingly becoming popular these days. However, after doing practically everything you can to make it perfect, it seems like the website is making little to no progress. At this point, you are clueless as to what is wrong with it.

Well, if you feel like your site did not meet your expectation, it may be high time for a re-design. An ecommerce business needs an intuitive, user-friendly, and navigable website. Perhaps those things are the ones missing in your site. To figure out if a re-design is in order and before you hire a local Ecommerce website design Adelaide expert, it is imperative that you learn of the reasons why you should do a refresh.

1 – You cannot update the website content suddenly.

If you no longer can update the website content, it is an apparent sign that a re-design is in order. You cannot afford to ignore it since the inability to update the site means the lack of new content, including product description and image updates. One of the distinctive things about an online store is that you need to continually add products, update the inventory, respond to queries, and offer deals and promos. You cannot do all those things if you cannot even access your site.

2 – You use Google Analytics,and it shows a high bounce rate and low return on marketing.

Another reason to consider hiring a local Ecommerce website design Adelaidecompany is when you use Google Analytics and find out that you are not making any conversions and sales. If site visitors do not make any move to purchase or at least go deeper into the inner pages and products in your website, it means they do not like what they see inside. The lack of intuitiveness and exciting design is enough to convince site visitors to get out of your website and look for something else.

3 – Your current ecommerce site design and setup do not fit your objectives as a business.

A visible sign that your ecommerce site needs revision and redesign is when it does not have the competence to serve your target audience. The whole point of building an ecommerce business and establishing an online store is addressing the needs of consumers in search of products they want to buy online. But if your site is not even visible and incapable of reaching out to the people who are likely to buy something, then it indeed is not working. The culprit is the lack of an ideal design.

If you want to make the most out of your investment in ecommerce, you must acknowledge the shortcomings of your website and talk to an expert web designer right away to come up with a plan to save the site.