Artificial Grass Care & Maintenance

So you’ve just made your switch from real to artificial grass. That’s great! You finally realised how beneficial it is to cover your lawn in artificial turf. It requires no maintenance, looks great all year round, and can even be a great place to bond with your family. You can also use artificial grass for indoor use. Use it as a floor mat, as a decorative floor surface on your balcony, or whatever you want to do with it. After all, with artificial turf, you will no longer need a lawn mower, fertiliser, or even watering your lawn. It’s so convenient that it is now questionable if you don’t go for it.

However, as great of an item, artificial grass is, it still needs a certain amount of maintenance and care to last longer and serve you better. Here are tips to help you care for your artificial grass Brisbane:

1.) Mild Stains

While you are free from all the hassle of lawn grass maintenance, you should keep in mind that artificial grass can also acquire untimely stains here and there. I can come from a spilt plate of barbecue, an alcoholic drink, or your pet making your lawn his toilet. For common stains such as blood, soft drinks, tea, coffee, or urine, the cleaning process is relatively simple. You to only clean it right away to ensure that it won’t leave a stubborn stain that will now be hard to remove.

2.) Stubborn Stains

Remember the mild stains? Well, it turns out that you weren’t able to clean them right away, which left you with a now-stubborn stain that’s hard to remove and can very well be a stain that will stay onto your artificial grass Brisbane unless you do something about it. In addition to this, stains such as pen ink, oil grease, cooking oil, markers, colouring pens, and crayons are all hard-to-remove stains. But you can still have them removed and keep the overall look of your artificial turn unblemished. If a stain isn’t removed using mild detergents, try using something stronger, like mineral spirit to soften the stain. Gently rinse the affected area with water and blot up any excess liquid before trying to scrub the area to remove the tough stain.

3.) For Sticky Substances

Chewing gum, tree sap, and all other sticky types of substances can all end up sticking onto your artificial grass. But fortunately, they are also easy to remove. All you need is an old aerosol refrigerant to freeze the gum or sap off, so you can scrape it off your artificial grass. Dry ice can also be used as an alternative if you don’t have aerosol refrigerant.

4.) Removing Waste Brought by Your Pets

Just because you have pets at home doesn’t mean you can’t have artificial grass for your lawn. Artificial turf is great for your pets. You just let the solid waste dry up before you remove it to ensure no residue is left behind. Afterwards, you can then wash it area with water. For curing spots, you can splash your artificial grass with cold water before rinsing it off.

5.) Clean, Rinse, Brush, Repeat

Caring and maintaining the overall look and appearance of your artificial lawn is not rocket science. There’s no sophisticated formula. There are only three things you need to do: clean, rinse, and brush.

With an artificial grass Brisbane, caring and maintaining the beauty of your home is now as easy as one, two, three. So, if you’re interested in the benefits that an artificial turn can bring, make the switch now!