Certificate III in Aged Care and Disability Care – Career Prospects

There are many people out there living with disabilities that are inborn or due to aging. In South Australia, this group of people represents a good percentage of the population, and this is why the government has taken the initiative to take care of them and their needs. For the government and relevant organisation to be able to take good care of the aged and people living with disabilities, they require professionals in this field, and this is where courses come in. For anyone looking forward to pushing a career in elderly care, they need to get the Certificate III in Aged Care. This article will look at the course in general, the course outline and career prospects.


Certificate III in Aged Care


Like thousands of Australians, you may be working within the field of aged care. Or, you may be considering a career in the aged and disability or community sector. Many people with interest in taking care of the nation’s elderly undertake formal vocational qualifications. Currently, the Certificate III is the entry standard for the industry. It ensures that older Australians are benefiting from experienced and qualified people who have invested their time into learning about the requirement of the aged and disabled.



The most common qualification is the Certificate III in Aged Care. However, the majority of the students also undertake vocational courses concurrently. A good example may be taking the Cert III in conjunction with other related qualifications like the Cert III in Disability Care or Cert III in Home and Community Care. There is also an excellent opportunity to progress onto higher qualification including Cert IV and other diplomas.


Course Outline of the Cert III


You can take the courses for Cert III through distance, online, blended or face to face mode. By undertaking the course, you will learn to support the elderly and provide personal care needs to the disabled. You will learn, understand and be a part of the care team that aims to meet the client’s psychological and emotional needs. By completing aged and community care training, you will also learn to realise the differences within culturally diverse environments and get the knowledge to help individuals with different types of medication. The course also has both the required core and elective units.


Career Pathways and Options


Completing an aged or disability care course qualifies your career pathways immensely. As projected, by 2050, there will be one million Australians who will be working in the aged and disability care sector.  The Australian government recognises this need and have set out training programs to expand the aged care and disability care workforce by over four times the current size. After completing your Cert III in Aged Care or Disability Care, you have the option to further your studies or enter the workforce. Some potential career paths include becoming an assistant in nursing, disability service worker, community support, field officer, personal care assistant or caregiver, etc.



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